Benvinguts! Wellcome!

Ja fa tres anys que a l'Escola Rocaprevera vam iniciar el Projecte Arts. Els alumnes de 3r, 4t, 5è i 6è de primària reben les classes d'Educació Visual i Plàstica en llengua anglesa. Engrescats pels bons resultats obtinguts, aquest curs l'hem començat a introduir a l'ESO.
Aquest bloc pretén ser un recull dels treballs més significatius realitzats pels alumnes, des de 1r de Primària fins a 4t d'ESO.
El nom del nostre bloc és un petit homenatge al gran pintor Vincent Van Gogh i a la seva extraordinària obra. Com podeu observar, el fons també està inspirat en les creacions de Gustav Klimt.

dijous, 30 de gener de 2014


In Art History, many artists have used colours as one of their main issues, especially Impressionists.  They thought that colours could express any emotion, and they painted using colours and all their strengh.

Hundertwasser (1928-2000) is an  Austrian artist who developed his work in different areas, such as architecture, design, clothing or painting.  He always used bright colours in his compositions, creating an special athmosphere in all his artworks.

Here you can see the Hundertwasserhaus, in Viena.  You can appreciate its sinuous shapes and bright colours, as if it was designed and painted by a child.

More examples:

Many paintings:

He also developed his own philosophy of life: he thought that life should be in harmony with nature and the individual creativity.  He named it "Five Skins Theory".


1.     In groups of two, search for some information about the Austrian artist Hundertwasser.  You should make a “prezi” containing the next information:

a.    Biography: interesting facts about his life.

b.    Oeuvre:  different areas in which he worked, characteristics of his artwork, how he used colours...

c.    Philosophy: try to explain the “5 Skins Theory”.

d.    You can add some pictures.

2.    Individually, choose one of his paintings and try to reinterpret it.  Use an A3 cardboard.  Draw it using pencil, and colour it with paintings.

dimarts, 28 de gener de 2014



He was an expressionist, abstract american artist.
He was known for his ACTION PAINTING
He didn't paint using brush strokes, but he poured and
splattered paint on big canvas which he laied on the floor.

We painted as Pollock with students in 3r, and it was great fun.